4 responses to “How To Take Your Company’s Facebook Fan Page from Zero to 40,000 Fans”

  1. Sarah

    This article was facinating and easy to read… do you have any advice for small businesses with a harder to define market. I would love to offer specials but I only have 29 likes and those are mostly from friends.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Andy from HYA

    Thanks for the article, I often worry about spamming my fans and followers, I’ve been gaining about 30 ‘likes’ a week for more than a year but hopefully your tips will see than number growing.

  3. Patrick

    This is really interesting look at how a brand builds and sustains momentum on Facebook. But I would note that Supre is absolutely without question violating Facebook’s promotion guidelines. Now to be sure they are not in the least the only business doing so, but with rumors that Facebook is going to begin policing this with seriousness soon, I’d be extremely careful in copying their “It’s Best with Friends” approach.

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