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Magento B2B eCommerce Solutions

b2b ecommerce solutions

eCommerce and Magento online stores used to be all about selling to consumers. The emerging trend is for Enterprise eCommerce portals to be designed and developed for distributors and businesses that sell to other businesses.

Why should a B2B business invest in an online Magento eCommerce portal? There are many reasons why you should enhance your marketing strategy and business distribution channels with a Magento B2B ecommerce solution.

Customers are more comfortable buying online
Clients expect to find options online when making purchases for their business requirements.

Increase efficiency
Online stores automate the buying process and remove layers of duplication.


Lower costs
Reducing duplication also reduces costs associated with hiring staff, leading to increased profits.

Improve search engine optimisation
Product descriptions and content rich webpages give your site a higher ranking in Google search results.


Improve customer service
Minimise human error with website automation and integration with backend systems.

Access to a global customer base
With multi-currency, global distribution and logistics, businesses can access overseas markets.


We offer a range of B2B ecommerce solutions using leading platforms such as Magento and Intershop. Our solutions are often seamlessly integrated into backend ERP systems such as Netsuite, Pronto, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

It’s time to become competitive and relevant in a digital world that doesn’t stand still, is mobile centric, global and increasingly competitive.

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