Drupal Ecommerce

Infinity can provide end-to-end Drupal CMS website design solutions from requirements analysis and scoping, to solution design, website development, training and support. We have extensive experience with Open Source CMS solutions and we can help you make the switch to Drupal CMS as seamless as possible.

Drupal 7 CMS Features

  • Easy to useNew admin panel in Drupal 7
  • Reliable and safeMature software, established since 2001, high quality standards within the Drupal community
  • Search engine friendlyOut of the box very SEO friendly
  • Version controlImportant for content rich sites
  • Highly flexibleAlmost any requirement can be metalmost any requirement can be met
  • Highly scalableSuitable for small up to huge enterprise sites
  • Enterprise functionalitiesBuild-in functionalities like version control, comments, forum, flexible access control management
  • Customisable access controlUnlimited number of access roles can be defined
  • Flexible themesAlmost no boundaries for individual theming
  • Open source under GPLGeneral Public License
  • Open APIWell defined Application programming interface
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple site supportManage multiple sites/domains within one Drupal instance; saves maintenance and development costs
  • Thousands of free to use modulesCountless open source and free modules to save development time

Drupal Web Design Solutions

Our Drupal website developers are Drupal specialists. Our experts create customised designs to ensure that your website has a professional, user friendly and rich interface. Whether it be a business website, business application or a bespoke web solution, we can provide a full Drupal solution for you.

Drupal 7 CMS

Our Drupal developers are experts in Drupal 7 CMS. We specialise in the latest CMS systems and we have focused on Drupal 7 in keeping pace with the most modern technologies. You can rely on our Drupal developer team to have the skills and experience to create the functionality that you need for your website.

Drupal 7 is the latest version and offers significant improvements in all aspects of the CMS. One of the central areas of improvement is usability. This latest version is much more user friendly, easier to navigate and intuitive. There have also been improvements in security and performance. This establishes Drupal 7 as the most modern, powerful and flexible CMS.

Drupal Development

Infinity have an experienced team of Drupal developers. Drupal’s flexible framework provides the ability to create fully customised websites that is optimized for the way your business works. This includes Drupal module development as well as complete customised Drupal 7 applications. Our Drupal developers can produce advanced, interactive and modern solutions for your business.

Drupal Consultation

Our Drupal consultants provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine if Drupal CMS is the best solution for your business, based on your business requirements. Our consultants can help you get the most out of your Drupal solution by working through the whole process from Design, Development, Maintenance & Support, to Marketing and Digital Strategies.

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