Brand Strategy

What is the value of branding in a crowded competitive online market place?
It can:

  • Allow you to charge a premium price

  • Makes your company more valuable

  • Can contribute to owning a niche

  • Increase your sales

Evolving your brand means taking three steps. Defining, Developing and Executing.

Steps to build a memorable brand:

1.Define your brand

Your brand identification is:

"Identifying a specific promise of value, that is delivered in a unique or differentiating way."

This step means you need to sit down and evaluate your current brand position in your market. It means evaluating your brand triggers. Looking at the key elements such as lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, or trust.

Once you have done that you need to proceed to the next step.

2.Develop your brand

This means exploring the ideas of pushing the envelope to move your brand from bland to memorable within your niche.

This can be done from the initial safety of your boardroom. It is a creative process and it is where need to consider these seven ingredients:

1. Purpose 5. Benefits
2. Core beliefs 6. Actions
3. Heritage 7. Culture
4. Products  

By pushing the boundaries of these ingredients you can dial up how far you want to push the envelope.

3.Execute your brand

This doesn’t mean changing your brand overnight but starting the journey. This means taking the steps to implement what you have discovered about your current brand position and where you want to take it.

This will mean taking the first steps to move your beliefs about you brand from ideas to reality.

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